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Residential Services

House Cleaning Service in Plano Tx ✅ Not only will your home be cleaner, but it will be cleaner in ways that you cannot achieve yourself

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The Best Maid Service

Call Your Local Maid Service to Clean Your House. We bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies

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Weekly or Bi-Weekly House Cleaning

Weekly Services: Popular for busy homes, full of life and social commitments.

Every Other Week: is ideal for you if the house is well maintained.

One Time Services: We then adjust the hours if need it.

Residential cleaning services near me

We bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies and latest equipment to deliver on this commitment is my maid service in Plano Tx. How much does a maid cost

We provide our owns cleaning supplies and equipment. We are a professional house cleaning carpet cleaning services.

All the clothes and equipment we use are fresh and clean when we start to work in your home. Move out cleaning. Cleaning near me.near me.

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House Cleaning

In a modern age, many of us lead busy lifestyles that do not always allow us to attend to everything that needs doing around the home.

Whether you are a working parent or a single adult, the chances are you have felt as though you could do with a bit more help around the home.Fortunately, using a maid service can make things much simpler, and will help you get the rest you deserve.

Our Cleaning Services

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Regular cleaning services  in Plano Tx

We begin your house maid cleaning service by giving your home detail cleaning.

The first clean gives you an in-depth clean of your entire home top to bottom. The next step is our Regular Clean, which allows us to maintain your home basic clean needs.

We provide our own supplies and equipment, all the cloths and equipment we use are fresh and clean when we start to work in your home. This is for your safety and ours

Maid Service

While some use cleaning services as a one-off measure, others will routinely use them on a daily or weekly basis.

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The end result is always the same though: a little extra time is freed up so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.

What are Maid Service the Benefits?

It would seem a bit obvious to say that your home will be cleaner, so it is a good idea to go a bit deeper into the benefits that come with using a cleaning service.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Plano Tx

Cleaning tile floors by hand is hard work. It’s impossible to get the deep-clean results that come with professional grout and tile cleaner.

Regular mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service restores the beauty to your floors. We provide the following services:

 Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Plano Tx.

Cleaning may seem like a simple enough task, but maids are adept in the skills needed to spot those troublesome areas you may miss, and they have industrial-strength products available to do the job properly.

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Then there are the secondary benefits. The chances are, you are considering a cleaning service because there are just not enough hours in the day to get what you need to be done, done.

A cleaning service will stop you from exhausting yourself, even if you just use it for a couple of hours a week.

Finally, you will have more free time to do what you love to do. Rather than devoting a set amount of time each week to making sure you achieve a deep clean, you can go out, read a book, or spend time with your friends and family.

Those emergency situations…

Whether it is a party, that week you spent lying in bed because you were ill, or the aftermath of guests with children coming to stay, some situations leave you facing levels of mess that you just will not want to handle alone.

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If you find yourself in an emergency mess situation, you may feel stressed, and you will probably look at the situation as if you are facing climbing a mountain. In such situations, making the most of a cleaning service is the best way to make sure you do not feel such mess.

Cleaning Services

No amount of stains or spillages will be insurmountable to somebody who knows what they are doing, and you will feel far less stressed once it is done. This makes using such a service a great investment.

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Cleaning Service in Plano Tx.

Not only will your home be cleaner, but it will be cleaner in ways that you cannot achieve yourself.


          You know what we’re talking about here. Those little guys who hide under your bed, sofa, and can occasionally be seen scurrying around your floors. Yup, that’s them – the dust bunnies.

Leave them alone long enough and they’ll turn into dust bunny tumbleweeds. We would not kid you about that. And then, you’ve got problems, but problem is it’s a real pain to get out the broom and spend hours corralling the little suckers. What to do? Glad you asked.

  • Jericho Cleaning Service to the rescue

That’s right. If you live in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, or Allen, boy are you ever in luck. That’s Jericho Cleaning Service country. We’re the cleaning service that puts fear into the heart of dust bunnies, and we’ve been known to sweep them out by the hundreds. No kidding. But that’s not all we do.

  • You want clean? We’re going to give you clean

Think of us as a high-powered maid service that cleans your entire house so thoroughly, you won’t believe your eyes when we’re finished. We vacuum, we scrub, we polish, we do more amazing stuff than any other cleaning service in the great state of Texas. Maybe the world.

Honest. Your floors will sparkle, your furniture will shine, your bathrooms will be squeaky clean. Your family will be amazed. You friends will be in awe. Maybe the town will throw a parade in your honor. Never can tell!

  • Once is not enough.

If you’re like most folks, once you’ve had Jericho Cleaning Service come to your house, you’ll have us come again, and again, and again. Sort of like on a regular schedule.

That way your house will always be bright and sparkling clean, and you have our guarantee that the dust bunnies will never, ever, reappear. Sit back and imagine. There’s your house — clean from attic to foundation, 365 days a year. Doesn’t that make you want to sit back and say, “Wow”

  • And there’s even more

At Jericho Cleaning Service we not only do houses, we also do commercial and office buildings as well. As you can see, there are no flies on us! Nope, we eat, drink and dream about cleaning just about 24/7. It’s what’s made us the most preferred cleaning service in the area. And having won that reputation, we’re not about to give it up!

  • Carpets, too.

You betcha! If your carpets are dull, dingy, spotted and generally grungy, we’ll clean your carpets and bring back the color and luster that they had when they were brand new. Our special carpet cleaning formula is eco-approved and does a spectacular job of bring back life to old carpets.

  • Super, super, special deal

Call us crazy but for a limited time we’re going to give you $25 off your first cleaning. That’s $25! What’s not to like about that? But this is a limited timed off, so you know what you have to do!

  • So what are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll come over to your place, do a walk-through, and give you an estimate. It’s that simple. And, of course, we’ll do it for free, and at your convenience. See, the thing is, we’re not only the best cleaning service in the area, we’re also the nicest, friendliest and down-to-earth group of people you’ll ever meet.

We look forward to hearing from you!